Electronic Dance Music / synth pop extravaganza featuring Lingerie and starting the the night with DVideo, Sateen and Nicky Sparkles on stage at Cameo Gallery Brooklyn!

The duo of Milky Sway and Candy Startlight, aka Lingerie

Influenced by dada, post punk, new wave, french boogie, chicago house, and a shared love for sci-fi escapism – it’s the duo of Milky Sway and Candy Startlight that is Lingerie.  Existing in a parallel present or an imagined future full of the promises of our favorite dreamers.  Immersed in video art, producing and performing in Brooklyn, New York via FL.

Immersed in video art, exploring a sci-fi and dance music synthesis with installations, projections, and performance to suspend disbelief and to encourage a themed travel into a timeless fantasy.

Best described as “chantilly lace meets synth pop, groove, make-out party music,” Lingerie will take you on a spirited trip at Cameo Gallery Brooklyn August 4.

Get Tickets Now $8 online in advance.  This is a 21 and over event.

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