Lisa Levy is a painter, conceptual artist, comedian and (self-proclaimed) psychotherapist.

Lisa’s visual art career started when she was  sent to the children’s art school at MOMA at just 3 1/2 years old.  Before devoting herself full time to her art, she had a career as an art director in advertising.  Her visual art has been widely exhibited at such places as The Bronx Museum, The New Museum, Schroeder and Romero NY, White Columns, Artists Space and at countless art fairs.

Lisa Levy Art Reception at Littlefield

The Thoughts In My Head is Lisa’s ongoing oil on canvas series of, well… the thoughts in her head.  The series is full of her own funny, thought provoking and sometimes mildly disturbing glimpses at our collective human condition.

Lisa Levy is also an accomplished photographer, business woman, and performance artist.  Her most popular character is self-proclaimed psychotherapist, Dr. Lisa, who 
psychoanalyzes people on stage.  She has performed in countless venues, including The Brooklyn Museum, The Edinburgh International Fringe Festival and Joe’s Pub and has made appearances on Letterman’s Stupid Pet Tricks, The Today Show, VH1, ….

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About the venue:

littlefield is a performance and art space in Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood nestled between Park Slope and Carroll Gardens.  The venue boasts a flexible design allowing a diverse flow of live performance, art installations and film screenings.  It’s also home to a great top shelf bar where you can enjoy micro brews, wine and cocktails.



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