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There are twelve types of weapons in four colors. In fact, apart from the three colors in the triangle, there are colorless weapons that are outside of it. The physical weapon hit the defense statistics, while the magics hit the resistance. Swords are a red weapon in melee combat. Lances are blue melee weapons. Axes are green, physical weapons in close combat. Tomes is a magic ranged weapon. They determine their color in the name and icon. Breaths are a magical melee weapon used by the Dragons. Like volumes, they appear in three main colors. Daggers are colorless ranged weapons that are mainly used to debuff enemies. Bows are colorless, physical ranged weapons that are effective against airmen. Staves are colorless magic ranged weapons designed exclusively for healers. They come with various debuffs and status effects. Each unit has a type of movement and a weapon type. You can check these on the unit description screen by touching their thumbnail in battle or by pressing their icon out of combat.


The vast majority of units are infantry. They move two plates and are slowed down by forests.


The units driving on Pegasus or Wyvern are considered “Flying units” and are weak towards the Łuków. Flying units are able to move over mountains and rivers, providing them with excellent maneuverability.


Horse-riding units can move 3 tiles instead of 2, but they can not cut through forests. Their statistics are lower to compensate for a larger range.


Armored units can move only one tile at a time, but have better statistics than other types of units.


Dragons are infantry units that use dragons to attack the melee field with magic.

Certain weapons can also deal effective damage

Some units can deal effective damage based on their skill set. For example, the iconic “Falchion” can deal Effective Damage (x1,5) against units that can turn into Dragons. If you manage to deal effective damage, you will see a green check above the target unit. On the other hand, if they can deal you with effective damage, you will see a red exclamation mark on your unit.

In the Android Fire Emblem Heroes released on the system, the game focuses on turn-based battles played using a simple gestures system. Good use plays a key role in clashes

unique heroes’ characters and skills, as well as making use of the elements of the surroundings and terrain. The maps are relatively small and most often fit entirely on the screen. these

the solution was introduced so that we could fight the whole battle in a few minutes, which suits the mobile style of play. As for the RPG game, the development system plays a key role. Characters from the battle on

The battle accumulates experience points for which we then develop statistics and unlock new abilities.

Fire Emblem Heroes offers only single player gameplay. We can play with an extensive campaign and a few additional play modes. The second category includes duels on

arenas (Arena Duels), independent clashes against heroes (Hero Battles), where the defeated warrior joins our team, and the so-called Training Tower, offering a number

scenarios that we can play repeatedly in order to gain experience and objects.

The biggest advantage of Fire Emblem Heroes is the fact that the mobile title has retained enough of the original formula, at the same time passing an effective smartphone treatment, thanks to which the game was simplified and accelerated. On each map, we control the mountain with four heroes, and the opponents are roughly the same. So the clashes are short and you can safely go to school or work count a few. Will they please fans of the series? No, there is not even the final death of the heroes (if we collect them, then this solution does not make sense), combining characters in pairs on the battlefieldr romance.

The goal of the creators, however, was not to create another version of tactical RPGs, but to encourage new players to become interested in the series and offer old fillers a nice filler of time in

waiting for the next parts of the cycle. And this is absolutely successful, because the latest proposal is easy to learn – we quickly learn the mechanics of the clashes, the system of character development or how and for what purpose

We Collect. Compared to other free-to-play games involving the collection of Fire Emblem Heroes, it is simple and does not accuse us of an excessive number of currencies, statistics or information. If

all large companies in this way would promote their brands on the mobile market, instead of many duds (I mean you DC Legends) we would have a lot of great games, not intrusive attempts to match

for players’ credit cards. The simplicity of clashes (each map consists of 48 fields) does not mean, however, that they are not addictive. The creators of Nintendo managed to create engaging fighting mechanisms – skirmishes can not be elaborated, and sometimes they simply get through them, but the character’s development, multiplicity of modes and dozens of heroes to collect are decoys enough for many hours. Not to mention the massive pleasure of the promotion of our character (so well known to every fan of the series).

Relatively well the authors coped with the energy system that is needed to fight every battle (whether in the campaign or during training). Until the entire campaign is completed at the level

the normal strip of stamina used to be slow enough that when it was already exhausted, when I took a break, I did not feel unsatisfied. With time, it ceases to be so comfortable, because the more difficult matches we play (the campaign can be later classified as difficult and crazy), the more stamina each costs. You can see that the creators are trying to get us into the fun before the restrictions begin be enough to let us reach for the credit card. Such a “charm” of free-to-play games – in the case of Fire Emblem Heroes and so we get many hours of quiet and pleasant entertainment, and then enough take more breaks. Heroes shows how much the game on 3DS loses because they go out on old, or rather weak, equipment. The mobile edition of the Fire Emblem series was received

stylized frame composed of pixels, but traditional for the series painted images of heroes, displayed on a high-resolution screen, are extremely detailed and simply effective. There was no shortage

also refined soundtrack (along with the voices of the character), which makes the game simply enjoyable. In Fire Emblem Heroes, we are leading a group of heroes from various uniques of the series who unite to defeat the aggressive Embla empire, with Princess Veronica at the forefront. Of course, history only plays the role of a filler, but it is a pity that it is not very revealing, it is quite predictable and at times ordy. As usual, Nintendo mobile titles may be disturbed by the requirement of a permanent connection to the Internet – although this is understandable (in this way, the creators defend against cheaters), also not very comfortable for an ordinary player who may not have coverage.

Most of the information found on Google Play was already known to us after the game last week, but there were also new specifics. They mainly concern additional game modes, which will be available next to the classic fictional missions for this series:

Training tower – will offer independent battle scenarios that we can play repeatedly, each time gaining experience points for the character. In other words – it has to be a mode to grinds. What is interesting, however, the elements of the environment as well as the number and types of enemies are changed with each approach, so we will not have to repeat the same skirmishes.

Arena duels – they will allow you to fight against rivals from around the world on small arenas. The authors did not give any details, so we do not know if it is to be a real PvP, or maybe we will only they fought with other players’ heroes controlled by artificial intelligence. The Battles of Heroes will allow you to play battle scenarios on special maps, each of them will be available only for a limited time. Defeated in this mode, the heroes will join our army.


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